Parable Trust

Parable Trust is a not-for-profit company built on a Christian foundation acting as a vehicle to freely provide unconditional resources to new start-ups and existing businesses in need of help. There are two complementing elements to Parable Trust;

Companies owned by the trust

These are mature donor businesses providing significant resources to help others. These businesses are run collaboratively and with integrity.

Support with business start-up & further development

This is the reason for the majority of new contact with us. Parable Trust works to ensure that all interactions between companies are carried out against a backdrop of long-term two-way relationships. The Trust constructs a balanced approach consisting of time, expertise and complementing financial resource. Success is achieved when supported businesses become well established or transformed to growth and therefore in the position to gift resources back into the Trust to help the next generation of businesses.

As a key JV partner, Parable trust has contributed immensely in multiple areas including time, expertise and financial resource.



Wellers Impact is an FCA regulated impact investment manager founded in 2016 by a group of experienced investment professionals.

The Wellers Impact team members have been involved globally in private equity, real estate development, impact investing and the charity sector for 15 years.

The team’s first-hand experience has provided them with an invaluable understanding of the progress that is made possible through providing organisations in developing economies with sustainable financial solutions.

Wellers Impact has offices in London and Nairobi and shares a close partnership with Wellers Law Group LLP.

Wellers Impact endeavours to use fair economics to transform lives and communities whilst generating risk-adjusted, market-rate returns for investors.

As a key JV Partner, Wellers impact contributes both resource, time and investor connections to the partnership.


Kenya national Chamber of Commerce (KNCCI)

The goal of our partnership with KNCCI is to provide a framework for networking within the region, both to other industry players as well as potential clients.


Machine Africa SMT

MachineANI SMT is a for-profit organisation within the Gearbox Ecosystem.

Established in 2020, also based in Nairobi, the organisation’s mission to rapidly scale electronic manufacturing capability in the country, building on the foundation established by Gearbox.



Gearbox was established in 2014 with the goal of providing a makerspace for developers and innovators who would otherwise not afford to invest in the infrastructure required for them to develop their hardware.

Since then, it continues to remain the only true hardware prop typing space in Kenya and the region and has incubated over 100 startups both with hardware solutions.

In this JV, Gearbox contributes various resources including location, technical capacity required to manufacture electronic hardware for the region.



Europlacer are an award winning, global SMT line solution provider, with over 50 years of proud heritage. They deliver flexibility, reliability and innovation to the SMT pick and place marketplace with our elegant solutions to complex technical challenges.

With their diverse range of surface mount line solutions, you can maximize your productivity and significantly reduce your downtime.

They are a key technical partner that supply Gearbox Europlacer with the electronic manufacturing equipment.



Democratizing technology by providing access to tools has been the motivation since the Raspberry Pi project began. Raspberry Pi removes the high entry cost to computing for people across all demographics.

While children can benefit from a computing education that previously wasn’t open to them, many adults have also historically been priced out of using computers for enterprise, entertainment and creativity.

Raspberry Pi eliminates those barriers. Kitchen table businesses all over the world have been able to scale and find success in a way that just wasn’t possible in a world where integrating technology meant spending large sums on laptops and PCs.

Our partnership with Raspberry pi is essential in expanding the local ecosystem of developers with knowledge and capacity to design IOT products using Raspberry Pi chips. This is both a commercial and technical partnership that will help build the local developer capacity to utilise raspberry Pi products but also ensure access to raspberry Pi.


IEEE Africa council

IEEE Africa Council is the umbrella organization which provides a centralized coordinating body of all IEEE Sections and Subsections in the African region.

It is formed by the Sections and Subsections to do only those delegated tasks that can be best done together by the Sections and Subsections rather than singly by each Section or Subsection.

The primary objectives of the Council are to:

· Further the aims and objectives of the IEEE.

· Coordinate the inter-Sectional activities of the constituent Sections and Subsections.

· Provide effective representation and support for the constituent Sections and Subsections.

· Promote IEEE activities in Africa

The goal of partnership with Gearbox Europlacer is to nurture the culture of innovation among younger developers by providing the resources and materials that allow them invent local solutions.


Association of countrywide Hubs

Their main objective is to promote activities and programs of the member hubs and supporting their vision of testing and building impactful sustainable businesses in rural and Second tire towns Of Kenya.

Our partnership with ACIH provides a pathway for us to collaborate with the various innovation start-ups throughout the country and region.

The benefits we offer to such start-ups not only include the value addition services related to local manufacturing services such as rapid prototyping, quick design iteration services but also technical mentorship programs geared towards optimising their electronic designs.


Technical Partners

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