Gearbox ecosystem

The Gearbox ecosystem is a unique platform in Africa that enables advanced hardware innovation (mechanical, electrical and electromechanical).

This setup enables startups to access the complete innovation value chain from idea to mass manufacturing, servicing the young innovator to large companies.

Trained Personnel,
Ideas,  Future
% of Revenue

As part of the Gearbox Ecosystem, Gearbox Europlacer’s virtuous circle business model reinforces that social progress should drive financial success.

As a for-profit entity, Gearbox Europlacer will contribute a percentage of revenue to Gearbox (a not-for-profit organisation), to harness local talent, retain economic value within the country, and ultimately, positively impact Kenyan GDP.


Building things that matter

Founded in 2014, Gearbox is one of the leading non-profit hardware incubators on the African continent. It represents a unique demonstration for the provision of shared resources (flexible working space, prototyping facilities, technical training in manufacturing, fabrication and design as well as mentorship, investment opportunities and community development) to help entrepreneurs to scale from idea to manufactured product by scaling human capability in technical innovation.

THe gearbox Europlacer VISION

Collaboration (via partnerships and strategic alignments) with all stakeholders in the electronic hardware innovators value chain , is critical to our success.“Stimulate the creation and manufacture of African designed intelligent solutions that  solve African  problems.”

Our vision is to stimulate the creation and manufacture of African
designed intelligent solutions that  solve African  problems.

We do this in three ways: Collobarate, Innovate, & Propagate.

1. Collaborate
Spur collaboration to surface local problems.
2. Innovate
Catalyze IoT innovation that deliver best-fit solutions to solve the surfaced problems
3. Propagate
Leverage Industry 4.0 to scale these innovations across Africa